Procrastination Is It Hereditary?

Is Procrastination Hereditary?

Are you a procrastinator?

What if you were to learn that your plight may be hereditary? It could explain why you like to put tasks off to the last minute.

There is some scientific evidence to back the claim. However, people are often skeptical of scientific findings funded by large companies to try and justify the latest and greatest drug. A pharmaceutical company could fudge the numbers just to get a drug passed by the FDA.

If the science does have some wiggle room, will this simply give people more of an excuse to become chronic procrastinators, worse than they already are? If someone asks you why are you putting off doing what you are supposed to be doing, you can simply tell them it’s in your DNA. You’ll play up more on this since you can have science back you up.

Of course, even if all of it is true, and you can point to your ancestors as the reason for your procrastination habits, your boss may not share your revelation as easily as you do. Most people still have the impression that procrastination is a bad habit and that it can be broken by changing your habits.

If there are drugs available (or will be soon), you should try to come up with alternative solutions first. Mind-altering drugs often have serious side-effects. Even though they may help the problem you have with procrastination, they may cause other side effects that adversely affect your life. Drug companies prefer you to have multiple afflictions. It just means yet another drug they can get you to buy from them.

It’s always a tough decision when science identifies a particular affliction as being hereditary. It makes it seem as though drugs are the only answer and people often don’t seek out alternatives. Doctors convince them their problems can be solved by drugs, and it seems to be the end of that story. There is no doubt that drugs can save people in certain instances. But, our bodies are at their peak performance without them. Otherwise, we would have discovered their use several thousands of years ago.

If you do try alternative means to solve your procrastination problem and they don’t work out for you, then you may want to consider listening to the medical professional and go on a drug regimen. However, monitor it closely and make sure that it truly is solving your situation. Insurance companies don’t always pick up the cost of drugs so it could end up costing you a lot of money.