About Us

About Our Agency

I am a Freelancer, and I offer personalized videos for your business; I want to offer a bonus to you when you purchase from me in order to demonstrate how serious I am about working to gain more business for you.

I will add 30 days of targeted traffic backlinks to your homepage and whichever page you choose to load the video on.

I will only take on clients no closer than a 50 mile radius to a similar business type which matches your business; because I want to make sure of fairness to each business I work to increase traffic and business for.


  • In order to keep clear documentation of what your ideas are for your video, please email with the details needed to add to the videos you see here.
  • I will need a transparent logo:
  • The exact web-address and contact info you want on the video.


If you want a video created other than the one’s here, please provide the script and details you want in your email. I will review and clarify prior to starting work and get your approval with the cost for your approval; after the approval is signed, I will submit a copy for your review. If I have made a mistake there will be no charge to correct it. However if you want a revision other than your written agreement I will let you know what the additional charges will be.

Once the voice over is done and it is based on your script, it cannot be redone, you will need to re-purchase a new voiceover from my voiceover artist.